WESA First Project in Kibati - Acknowledgments

    "WESA’s first project in Kibati, DRC, at the Bujari site this past month was a success. WESA is a charity organization born in Philadelphia, USA, two years ago that aims to bring clean Water to places that lack one. It has grown so rapidly in the past two years I can hardly keep up with the myriad of changes this fantastic experience, fueled by your generosity and exceptional support, has given me. I have felt this journey with WESA, with you all, being so special that I can hardly find words to describe what that has been for me. I have never been good with words, I guess. That is why I ran the Milano Marathon 2023 for the first time today and ran the HalfMarathon sometime ago. I run as it is the best way I can express the beautiful emotions I had built for WESA and all of you who always came so promptly to help when I needed it the most. I have learned that by running for WESA today, here, I can effectively communicate and share with all of you standing living in different places around the world how much WESA means to me and advocate to bring clean, drinkable Water to communities in need in Kenya and DRC. Clean, accessible Water should be something everyone should have access to today. Yet, it remains one of the major risk factors causing waterborne diseases worldwide and much more. To these communities, access to clean water means better education, both primary and secondary. It means better jobs, and an improved quality of life overall.

    By remembering that Water is life, and by donating Water today, you will save one, consider contributing to WESA's objectives by following the first link in the bio.

    Also, as many of you have wanted to run with us today but could not, I want to thank you for the fantastic support given anyway. And for those who have been incredibly encouraging, loving, and caring about what we try to do at WESA, to that I say: I could never thank you enough.”

    Shut out to Robbie Goetz and Sara Della Lucia for having provided us with the running kit donation and design respectively!! Thank you so much!

    From our funder Michele Ganz

    Water is life, Save a life, Donate Water

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