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When I first started to think about WeStillAlive (WESA), I was reentering my country of origin, Italy, from Nairobi, Kenya. After about three months spent in Nairobi working in a clinic in central Kawangware, one of Africa's biggest slums in Kenya, I let grow the idea that my life could never be the same after that experience. I have always wanted to do something to tell and share that unique moment I spent around that yet unfamiliar culture. So, I started WESA to share the unique way of living of the African individuals and their experiences that have accompanied me throughout my journey in Kenya and crossed with my desire to help their community for the better.

WESA's goal is to share the memorable unimaginable way of living of the Humans I met both in Kenya and today, in Bulindi, DRC, and their culture by creating a pleasant atmosphere in which one person's interest and curiosity can meet these same beautiful individuals that I once met, and I keep meeting.

Westillalive is a charity-leaned website whose intentions are to involve many individuals to devote their attention to helping grow better sanitation and quality water systems in the village of Bulindi in DRC.

Michele - the Author

I am a Thomas Jefferson University graduate living in Milan, Italy. I have started to appreciate science since my first year at Thomas Jefferson University. I am currently attending medical school in my fifth year of six in Milan.

I am from Italy, indeed. So you may already assume things about me, such as that I drink coffee excessively, that I love pizza and pasta, that are simply true for any Italian person you have known or met some time in your life. I have to say sincerely that I do not diverge much from that version of an Italian individual that you might have guessed about me. I like what is said about us, what seems to be of Italian origin, culture, and tradition only, but there is more than that that can be said about a person of our kind. I indeed consider fascinating the science that surrounds us. I find compelling the everyday scientific novel made of those actions that set the basis of life on earth.

I am Michele, a medical student whose hopes are to successfully continue my career in medicine to benefit the community I find myself surrounded with every day (Italian community) and the ones overseas (USA, Nairobi, Kenya, and Bulindi, DRC). When I am not in my room studying, I love to play soccer, which has been more than a hobby for me when I was younger. I also like to explore the city of Milan and eat out with my friends.

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