"I don't remember the day mum left, neither did my dad. I just know they are not with me anymore. I don't miss them, honestly. How could I miss someone I barely met?

    I have no parents, but again, I almost never met them. So I think I am ok with it. I have not had any education. I wish I could wake up one day and go to start having one. I would love to go to school and meet new friends. I dream of that very much.

    The best days are when we get to play football with some pieces of crumpled paper put together. I love football. I have always thought of football to be for the ones who dream the most, for the real dreamers.

    Today, I am wearing an orange t-shirt. I wouldn't say I like this t-shirt.

    I have never told anyone the one that is my favorite. I never told anyone of the day I even received it. It was my first football t-shirt ever gifted to me. I like it so much. I try to hide it. I have to, or everyone here would try to take it away from me. That is why I have this orange t-shirt on, and not my favorite one.

    I don't remember any football players' names, usually, nor the day I would receive any donated football t-shirt.

    It was November 16, 2019. The name written on the back of it was spelled Xavi."

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