“When I was little, I thought making mistakes was not just part of everyone’s life story. I was told to avoid making them. And I have always tried to live my life by trying to find ways of not making errors. My parents taught me that. I have always been called out for every mistake I make. For a long time, I have been scared of doing anything so as not to fail. And I have stood corrected to the idea that taking action is not always good. Later, I would look back and see that, ironically, one of the greatest mistakes I have ever made was living thinking of that being the only right thing I ever did. 

    When things started falling apart in my life, I was not ready. When my mum left, I could not do anything about it. I just hid. When my family started struggling, I was not there for them. I would feel like hiding away was the only good thing I could do. Like when you are trying to tell yourself that time would help heal. But it does happen because it simply does not work that way. And I would hide for weeks without seeing anyone. 

    Fortunately for me, things started to change when I met Her. I needed help, and She gave me some. I was lucky. She helped me figure out who I was by first accepting who I had been to myself before anyone else. She taught me that making mistakes is just part of who we are. They shape the innermost part of our personality. They help preserve our integrity as humans. I can see that who I have turned out to be today is the product of all the mistakes I have made – and all the good luck I had to have met someone who helped me understand that.”

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