“It was like when I would run I would feel like I was high. And so similar, I have seen running and getting high being at times. But running has been just something I had to learn on my own. Strangely. I know. But I was not taught well. Like getting high, that was the easiest choice I could make growing up. But I refused. And I picked something different for me. 

    Running has changed me. Those tingling sensations on my skin I still feel making me restless. Similarly, I just feel goose spots on my arms and legs waking up. The breathing so hard just always feels not enough. 

    And the fatigue I always experience seems just something I could never cope with. And then, I do. And me being rewarded for such achievement matters. To have overcome something I thought I could not. That matters. And there is the addiction I feel every time I run. Like I would have felt when I was little and getting high. But there is the need for effort in this, which makes all the difference.”

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