"We have been restlessly waiting for improvements coming from our Government. Particularly the one focusing on supporting the water services in this part of town has been something addressed, promised, but never seen. Nothing ever changes around here. We must admit that it is more likely I will win the lottery than receive funds from this Government to support our difficulties. 

    It has been years since the day we started to meet here. It has been in this same spot for more than a decade. What we do is just talk, and every day ever since, we have shared the same things repeatedly. And we have never been able to come up with one single reason that would support our Government's decision to let us sit here and wait for so long. So long that my children have grown old now, and all the good I have been lecturing to them about our world being so good has faded away. They do not believe me anymore. I have lost some of their trust. If not all of it. I have been at peace with myself about that. I just wanted them to think that things can change if we can just be patient enough to let them grow at their own pace. However, I have been wrong many times in my life. And I often think about this being one of them." 

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