“I met people I thought did not exist. I encountered problems, problems they had. In their eyes, I saw their struggle. It would just take me a glance at theirs to see all they have seen in life. Some of them had been impatient enough to make me so. Some of them had been the opposite. So calm they would not talk. There was this woman once. She was so beautiful. Long hair. Small talks. I was so shy. I remember blushing. The time I bought this motorcycle did not look this way. 

    She laughed at my motorcycle’s front. I could not stop staring at her. I think she liked it. Honestly. And If it takes me twenty minutes to get to Kenyatta, that day it took me two hours. I got lost. She would not care. She was not worried. I thought of what made her so comfortable everywhere we went. 

    Today, I have changed. My motorcycle changed. Though, that front’s still there. And every time I look at it, I think of what made her so beautifully calm. So beautifully Her.”

    We Still

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