“Flashes of lightning terrorize her very much. I have learned that of her with experience. I try to keep her inside when the weather makes her tremble with fear. I used to get scared of them too. Now, when they happen, we know what to do. I run. Then, she runs. We always get to my bed as soon as we can. I arrive about minutes later than she does. She is so fast. I have learned a lot from her. She seems to act based on how I act and feel. Like when I feel scared or sad. She seems to know. And she always acts so scared when I am afraid. She is like she is part of me. She understands me, and I understand her too.

    I have learned that the more loving I am to her, the more she feels safe. If positivity is what I give her, that is what she will feel. There are days when she becomes like a tornado. She spins around the house like a top and runs away from our cat. Those are the days I feel the happiest as well. It can’t be just a coincidence.

    I think she is so smart. She has taught me to be a better friend. The person I am to her impacts how she is and feels so much. It may be stupid. After all, we are so different. I know. But I have seen it work with people too. Every time I wake up, I try to smile up for her and the people around me. They may feel happy just because they see I may be happy.”

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