“I never met my dad. He was one of the many who seemed to disappear as soon as they heard the news. I realized later on, eventually, that what had happened to me happened to many of us children around here. My mum was a rock. When my dad was not around, she was that more than ever. She raised me and my siblings fiercely. It was hard. I still remember the days we would hardly see her at home. She worked three jobs to keep us healthy. But she tried to be there for us whenever she could. 

    When I saw her for the first time being happy again, she met him. He was a charming man. He had a strong character - an engaging one. He was good to me. Most importantly, he was good to my mum. He grew up around the Ngong Road Forest outside Lavington. He was a man of the church. My mum told me. He took me for the first time to church when I was 10. 

    He loved my mum. She smiled often when with him. When I would make her go crazy, he would turn that all the way around, and she would smile again. Honestly, I have never seen her so happy after all that she went through. 

    I left the house not much later than 21. I got a job at a local store. That same year, I met one of the most beautiful people I know - the love of my life. I told her I loved her the first time we went out together. She was scared. I remembered I laughed. I was so embarrassed. Of course, I meant it. Later on, we figured we both meant it confidently. We got married a year later. Mum was present. He was as well.   

    Mr. P., I used to call him. His name did not matter to me. I cared that he cared. He cared for my mum. He brought her to live a new happier life. He helped her forget the past - all the difficulties. He got my mum time. And for what he did to her, I would be forever grateful. Since the day we met, I have admired Mr. P. and the way he loved his wife (my mum) to an extent I would hardly ever love mine. Mr. P. was a simple man. But a strong one. He picked us up when we did not have anything. Without judging. Without complaining. He is the man I have been trying to be every day ever since he stepped into that door- of our lives.”

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