“I have been moved by how uncontrollably the world changes. How it goes on. This fast-paced action of moving on seems to figure out the how-to on its own. It impresses as well as scares me. The speed at which things have been processed to get better has fascinated me to the extent it is even thought-provoking to imagine how everything around us will turn out to be decades from now. 

    We have grown in many ways. I get it. Physically. Practically. Mentally. Theoretically. This life condition has applied to us also. I remember when it was even hard for us to get past the nights in our village. The rain and the uncontrollable weather have been a challenge to us. Better infrastructures and physical services have improved our lives. They have facilitated our living. They have given us chances we did not have before. Even our health has improved. 

    Yet, we have left something behind. It is as simple as that. Socially, we have missed the necessary steps. We need better communication. More understanding before starting not to appreciate each other and ourselves; See your friends through hardships. The people you do not know deserve our best self and behavior also. There are no excuses. We need to get better at this as soon as possible. We need to hurry. We live in a world that has perhaps given us a chance, or many, I am not entirely sure, to be of comfort to the person next to us. 

    We need to urge getting better at this almost lost relationship-based appreciation of each other and ourselves. We need authenticity. Singularity. Respect for the surroundings. Diminished personal benefits. More empathy and hunger to better emotionally engage with the one most in need.”

    We Still

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