“Today’s day some time ago was the day I realized I was not enough on my own. That I was not going to be happy without him, it was when the air smelled of clean clothes, and flowers just picked up. It was when the wind in my ears would sound like a perfect piano song.

    When the heart would feel like popping out of my chest and beating out of control, everything that romantic love has been to me was about uncertainty. Unpredictability. A pile of uncontrolled emotions. Unreadable outcomes. Impossible decisions. Myriad of unaccomplished expectations.

    The day I realized I was not enough on my own was when the velocity to which life and love used to be, speedy and unknown, just in one breath, it all became predictable. Known and slow. It all became infinite, that same infiniteness that has shadowed everything of what romantic love meant to me. And that now has turned into my most truthful source of happiness.”

    We Still

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