“The Southern Bypass. The road from the junction of the Nairobi Mombasa Road and Likoni Road that leads to Kikuyu. Kiambu. All the vehicles. The many people who have traveled across that road have seen how nature evolved by glancing with their eyes across the trees. On their left. How the Muguga forest used to procure to Ondiri the water needed for the communities who live there. With time passing by, we needed to intervene. We manually required reinforcing the margins of these neighboring streams that carried water to Ondiri. We needed to help. Communities were left without water, and the nature around was anhydrous. 

    We implanted a lot of trees to maintain the water within its borders. So to allow it to reach its destination. For decades, these trees around here have prevented the water from being carried away. To be wasted for both the people and nature.  

    The roots of the trees have now kept in place the surrounding ground that surrounds this field filled with water—a swamp. The water has been left now absorbed into the trees and given back to the community when most needed. I have seen the community being happy about what we did. It has helped. It has given work to those who lost it. It has provided health to those who claimed they were given no chance. 

    The work was simple, but it impacted those who thought they did not have any hope left. The work mattered. We mattered.”

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