Anonymous25 (part 3 / 3)

    (part 3 / 3)

    “When I got older, I learned to observe my surroundings more carefully. I see that there is not much left for us to fight for. There is only the need for an immediate socio-cultural, climatic, and environmental revolution. We need a substantial change here. No more negative talks, as I used to hear when growing up. We need solutions. We need action. Practical approaches to help save this place from its nature and soil damage. To help the livestock and the fertility of this land that has now come to its last heartbeats. From the drought, the weather has created a scarcity of water. Following this missing primordial life factor, death has followed. It has changed the outside temperature. The rainy seasons have been pushed to dates that are not good for the territory. All of this has maintained preventable diseases and helped them keep occurring in this area. Also, these human disorders are not faced and counteracted appropriately. 

    I have faced difficulties being heard over the years. Lately, I came familiar with the fact that this narrative has something in common with all of us: the health of this planet. Climate and the health of this domain are critical to the survival of our world, consequently of ourselves. Thinking globally, we need to respect the surroundings and improve them. We need to find fulfillment in those actions. That is the only way we could save others before ourselves. Our kids and all the future generations that will come inhabiting this habitat. When I look at how far we have come as people living here today, I get significantly pessimistic about how things will conclude for us. We just may have a chance, and it starts from the actions to favor better biodiversity and a preferable climate. These actions may give us the last chance to find happiness after all. Leaving us with trust and belief, so we all can see more life than death over here.”

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