Anonymous25 (part 2 / 3)

    (part 2 / 3)

    “The livestock are dying here. Lately, I have seen caws disappearing like salt in the water. The mortality rates for this animal as of now have skyrocketed. There is no food to eat for most of the animals here. In 2020, what we thought was just a coincidence of events, turned into a real agricultural catastrophe. A life-threatening catastrophe. For all of the communities living here. What provided us with the primary means to survive has turned our backs. Leaving us to starve. To follow the same faith most of these animals face. Honestly, some of us expected it. Climate changes. Global warming. Postponed rainy seasons. Scarcity of water. All of these are said to ring a bell for what we have done to this land we live upon. Nothing good. I have never seen something like this before. Such a severe response of nature to the poor decisions and unreasonable actions of us, Humans.  

    My family went through a lot. Growing up, I have seen my parents losing everything they had. I have seen my dad losing many jobs. My mother is sick because of the water and food contamination. We looked at misery right into its eyes. Nothing. We saw nothing left for us. I thought of it as a miracle. With time, things got better. 

    This land has given us a job. So something to pass over to our children. This agriculture has given us just enough to move past the bad times. It has given us a roof to protect our heads from the harsh weather. 

    Most importantly, it has given us the chance to be called a Family again. To find Love and respect for each other, right when most things around us seemed so damn doomed. Today, looking at all of this death surging upon my land scares me. It reminds me of when we did not have anything, where there was just madness. Sadness. Hopelessness in the eyes of My people. And misery used to be the owner of this place. We are facing perhaps one of the significant climatic catastrophes of all time. We have no water. No livestock. No food. No jobs. We just have so many illnesses. Endless desolate land. Migration of people to bigger cities. Starvation. Death. 

    Unfortunately, this is my land. Fortunately, I am here to change it. With all I have.”

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