"Something happened last year. It was when we did not have food to eat. It was difficult. We would not eat for days. My mum used to work at her market across the Motoine River on Gitanga Road. She stopped working there not long ago. She used to tell me that God was part of why she decided to stop working. That He was sure that it was the right time for her to go. To rest. At that time, I had no idea. She just looked so exhausted. 

    One day, I came home. I saw my mum on the ground. She was immobile. I felt like I could not move. My mind felt frozen. I could not think. I screamed. I have blurred memories of that day. I just remember many people in the house. A lot of noise. And then, a sudden deep silence. 

    For the next few days, I would visit my mum at the hospital. It was my fault she was there. I knew. God has told me that. I come here every day to bring her something to eat. I think she likes it. And I could not ask for more. To see her happy after all. 

    This very day, she has not felt better yet. I think she got worse. I guess I have a better idea of what is happening. Though, as she did for me, I just want to protect her. To take care of her for as much time as she wants. Forever, if she needs.

    And I keep bringing her something I know she likes to eat."

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