"Since I was little, my family never seemed to support my education fully. They think that before the work through the mind would come the work through the hands, as my dad would say. I cannot blame him, honestly. He worked so physically hard to be where he is today, so we all in the family could live on this side of town.

    I know I am a very fortunate kid. 

    I used to walk to the Sigiria Forest with my dad on the first calm day after the "long rain season" here in Nairobi to see the new shapes the water would create on the landscape. I always would remain so impressed by the power nature has on our landscapes. 

    Today, I wonder if there will ever be a place anywhere on earth capable of turning who I am into a stronger man. I wonder if there could be one that would fit me, so my family could be finally proud of me one day. If there ever were, I would go there. No doubt. 

    I want my family to see me as one who made it his own way. I want to be seen as the unstoppable rainy water that everyone is concerned about, which creates change in our landscapes. I want a change, a different landscape in my life, a more educated one, and more confidence in who I am going to turn out to be.

    I am going to make it. Maybe not now. Maybe not tomorrow. But I will make it one day. My own way."

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