"We all get told that just one single treatment may be life-changing. We get told that it can affect our lives for the better. But none have ever told us how expensive that can turn out to be. 

    One day, I was one of them. And I needed that treatment. 

    I have had stomach pain for a few days. It does not seem to stop. It prevents me from even standing up on my own feet, so, not to mention doing my job. I carry water for survival. I spend hours and hours walking from villages far away to where I live. I have children, you know. I need to work. I need them to go to school and not do it for me. I want them to have a better life than I had. 

    Today, I feel weaker than yesterday. I probably have a fever. I do not think I will be able to go back to work soon. I may be told I have malaria. We all know what it does to the body of the people living in this area.

    I am a bit disappointed and scared. I was just told my insurance was not approved also, so I would probably be charged a lot of money for my future treatments. It is unaffordable for me. I do not have the money. We never have for those types of life occasions. 

    I am sitting here thinking of my children. I know they will be alright in my absence. But I also know that there is a lot of crime around here. I am worried. I do not want my children to end up like most people here, without parents and a future. In this area, education is not an option also, and I want them to try and learn as much as they can. I want them to become someone I never was. 

    I am so proud of them.

    About my pain? My pain comes secondary to them."

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