“A beautiful land. Full of potential. Full of unshared stories. Incapacitated by foreigners to be seen as it is. Like old poetry of a country built over centuries. Like a modern painting of figures of our people that are purposefully left alone, unknown. Indescribable realistic scenarios of colors, flavors, and tones, movies couldn’t help explain what I have seen. We’re surrounded by land that is the lungs of our world that we yet have to understand. Part of the reason we all should live well.

    Why? Why isn’t it equally shared the opportunity for us to obtain a better life? Environmentally limited, we are prevented from being healthy. From aiming high for the sky. And instead of aiming to help this land be a better place to live for us, we let it survive, Alone.

    We need more initiative. More actions. More compassion. More love. More happiness.”

    We Still

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