"I wear dark shoes, so the dirt of this land is not noticed. When it is seen, my pants take the attention away. It is a win/win situation. I always come up with reasonable solutions. At least, it is what I hear people say about me. 

    About solutions, today I came to feed this land with Bamboo species. They are the pillars for the natural development of the wetlands here. Swamps conserve and purify water naturally. I guess it seems impossible for some to hear. I know, they are so impressive. The action to filtrate and purify water coming from the surrounding streams is what is beautiful of Mother Nature. I always thought. And it gets more complicated than that. Chemicals that are not reabsorbed to clean water by the swamps are collected by the area's plants. They help grow vegetation of water grass species Typha and Cyperaceae. They improve to diversify the Flora and Fauna enclosing the area. They increase what I like to call disorder in the ecosystem. To procure energy for the vegetation. To make life possible on earth!

    To protect tainted water from stream water going into our mouths, I often hear there are no simple, inexpensive, natural solutions available, just complex, expensive artificial countermeasures. As for my pants, I have to detract people from misinterpreting this phenomenon. 

    Again, Nature, Wetlands, is what I want to care to conserve to let it do its course and help us continue to Live. To Live better"

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